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Combining integrated booking technology with marketing strength through one intuitive dashboard, Booket Now eases operations for all businesses and event planners in Qatar and across the world.


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Booket Now  is revolutionizing the booking and ticketing system in Qatar by making ‘skipping the line’ to an event or program possible with fast and easy booking and ticketing technology.


With Eventure as our strategic partner in event management, we are uniquely positioned to support events and businesses of all types, sizes, and complexities.


Our goal is to help every event organizer whose entire raison d’être is to get a full house show. Our complete, turn-key booking and ticketing solutions are tailored to suit any brand and audience.


End-users find the ease of booking to be our best feature while organizers take advantage of our real-time reporting, round-the-clock visibility, and cost savings.


Embedding innovation into booking and ticketing technology, we continuously scale new heights to keep pace with Qatar’s evolving market.



Qatar has seen a quantum leap in the application of advanced booking and ticketing strategies and Booket Now has been on top of these innovations.


We take pride in having the experience and expertise to deliver Online Ticketing, Onsite/Box Office Ticketing, Printing Solutions, Scanning Solution, Q Breaker & mPOS, Validation, Accreditation, Invites Sending, Call Center, Mobile Application, E-Wallet, Marketing, Ticketing Kiosks, Registration, Dashboard & Reports, Promotional Voucher services, and more.


Booket Now breaks new ground in streamlining all data management and collection as well as augmenting our booking and ticketing solutions with cloud-based technologies.


As entertainment has been a part and parcel of daily life among locals and expats in Qatar, we integrated DJ productions, light & sound equipment rentals, online courses and more into our booking system, thereby elevating entertainment in Qatar to a whole new level.


Enabling greater mobility, shorter booking times, and improved digital solutions, we provide comprehensive booking and ticketing solutions to the highest standards.


No other service provider offers the best quality of service in the market than Booket Now.



What if you could spend less time dealing with the headache of selling tickets to your program? Have a dependable partner to manage the hassles and grow your business while you sleep?


Booket Now is the booking and ticketing platform your event or activity deserves. Successful projects start here.


Whether the program is in-person, virtual, or hybrid, this platform provides you with everything you need to engage your audience, maximize sponsor value, and capture important event data – anywhere and anytime.


Our user-friendly platform gives you all the tools and services to start, run, and grow your business – so you can spend less time sweating the details and more time creating meaningful live experiences.


Options like custom seat maps, online seat selection, and automatic assignments can all be tailored to your unique needs while capacity limits and contactless ticket scanning help you maintain the latest safety protocols.


A ticketing system that works seamlessly, Booket Now automatically generates personalized booking confirmations while eliminating the need for spreadsheets and paperwork to track attendees.


Engage your event attendees on the go with our iOS and Android mobile app. Help your customers easily access the platform, create push notifications, send in-app messages, and more.


You can offer live online availability so your customers around the globe can book your activity instantly, with state-of-the-art technology continuously being optimized to ensure you convert the highest percentage of ticket sales.

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